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A Temporary Assignment

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Rae set eyes on Phillip and she knew she was in danger. But she had been warned that he was off limits. Rae wasn’t there for love and affection. She was there to do a job. A three month temporary assignment was what she was there for. In the first week they hardly spoke. She shadowed his secretary. Greetings were all they shared. A woman with a tight bun and a pair of glasses was not his cup of tea. Her frumpish dress code did not appeal.

Phillip had spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was beauty personified. And he was smitten. The first week that Phillip worked with Rae he felt the chemistry. But he was drawn to the woman at the pub. He made sure to be at the pub so that he could get to talk to her. He was in for such a surprise.

Once Phillip realized who Rae was and they got chatting it was as if he had met his other half. From their first little date life seemed to change. Rae did what she was good at. Making changes. And Phillip was in for a change.

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