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Age Is A Number. Inconsequential!

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Paige Carter had been given the most difficult class to teach. They were seniors and it was their last year of school. Right from the beginning there were problems. The pupils in her class were head strong. After one week she felt the repercussions. She had to do something to take control. And she did. The remedial tests were the first step. But that didn't work. Paige had had enough. She spoke to her pupils at a level which penetrated. That worked. Then she had to get to their parents. She applied the same technique. Which thankfully worked. After one parent meeting things were different. With one song things suddenly changed. The parents realized that Paige was serious. She was there not for her own gain, but to ensure that their children succeeded. Things definitely changed for Paige. She suddenly had the children eating out of the palm of her hand.

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