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No Rest for the Prince's Virgin

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Ever wondered why the princess with a pea in her bed really couldn’t sleep? Wonder no more, in No Rest for the Prince’s Virgin you'll discover what the Prince was doing to keep her up all night...

Prince Wilhelm needs to marry, but cannot find a wife to suit. Then on the night of a storm Katrine is swept into his life like magic. He is determined to seduce this beautiful, lost, woman, using all his powers of seduction—including those in the bedroom.

Katrine is no princess and does not feel she deserves the Prince’s attentions. But her fear is not enough to stop her from falling head over heels in love, even though fate and jealous ladies conspire against them.

Will Katrine and Wilhelm overcome the difficulties they face in order to have a fairy tale ending?

Be Warned: bondage, wax play, anal sex

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