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After the Fairytale

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Did you ever wonder what happened after Cinderella married the handsome Prince?
Well, here is your chance to find out.

With the evil stepsisters in cages in the town square, the wicked stepmother in her grave and the Fairy Godmother banished to a remote tower by the sea, Cinderella rules the Kingdom of Lamsonia with an iron fist, while King Osmon prefers to hide himself - and his sexuality - behind closed doors; much to the chagrin of Royston, his boyfriend of 15 years.
Also meet their son, Prince Cinamon, and his noble friends.

Follow a tale of hate, heartbreak, treachery, friendship and love between man, woman and beast. Travel across the ocean and back again, to the remotest parts of the kingdom, through black magic and white, revenge and forgiveness - to find out what really happens after the fairytale is over. Happily ever after is just a dream.

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