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After being caught in bed with Duke, Jody followed in her Uncle Edgar’s footsteps. Treated like the black sheep of the family she was thrown out of her own home and was totally cut off from the family. She made her way to Uncle Edgar. He welcomed her in to his home with open arms. But he wouldn’t allow her to sit and let the world go by. He pushed and prodded her until she became a very successful business woman. Steering her into the kitchen where she flourished. After a few years Uncle Edgar passed away. Jody decided to do what was right. Go back home. Duke had been waiting for many years. The moment he set eyes on her it was as if everything had come together again. The years hadn’t been wasted. It was time spent wisely. Duke and Jody were together again. But Jonathan was the bonus. Duke’s little family was together as they were meant to be. Jody had followed her heart. Uncle Edgar’s advice was always spot on. Show yourself that it is possible. And she did.

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