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Again? Well Done Miss Williamson!

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Amanda was the top Sales Representative in the company. She won every competition that there was. If there were gift vouchers to be won, she would win them. Whatever the prize, it would be Amanda’s. But she had a problem. Huge! Every time she saw Shaun, her Sales Manager, her whole body took a tumble. She started thinking there was something wrong with her body. It reacted in all different ways. Ways that were uncontrollable. Shaun so badly wanted to date Amanda. He was in love with her. He saw her on a Monday at his meetings. She would be the first to dash out of the meeting. And she never looked at him. Shaun had to do something. He was obsessed. Out of the blue Shaun kissed her. And what a kiss! And that was where it all started. But Shaun had a problem. He hid that problem for a long time until it almost tore them apart. Little did he realize that Amanda had the very same problem. And then it wasn’t a problem at all!

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