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Agent DaCoy: One More Mission

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Jon DaCoy is a retired Industrial Protection Agent who is plunged back into active gun service by the agency’s top brass and a newly recruited agent. Renee Marie Eve, who, under secret orders, weds DaCoy’s simple life and pins her fabricated death on him as a means of deceiving the American underworld controlled by an ex-IPA agent turncoat named Stark Raven, who plots to hijack a secret U.S. military space orbital weapon system with the intentions of instigating a Russian-backed nuclear showdown between Iran, Israel, and United States.
Paul J. Bagnell is the author of The Last Nukyi series. Agent DaCoy is an anti-terrorism novel and is PJB’s third novel.

P.J.B. is an alumni of Ryerson University CE film studies and Metalworks Institute entertainment business management. He currently resides in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario, where he is working on his fourth novel titled The Crop of Epidus, a sci-fi time travel battle blitz.

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