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Glass Bones

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Glass Bones

Panjangnya: 332 halaman5 jam


Praise for Glass Bones by M.S. Watson, the debut novel!

"Hi! I like your story. Will there be a second book for this? :)"
-KaiKaiNyanNyan, Wattpad User

"Oh I really like this! c: such a good atmosphere created! Can't wait to read more;)"
- Opalescent__, Wattpad User

"I luv it already. Your an AMAZING author. Your book is lured me in. You have a talent of writing books. :) :) :D"
- Little_ms_chocolate, Wattpad User

Ira Dennis appears to be like any other Miami teenager, attending high school and falling out with friends... But at night, she transforms. No longer is the young lady a student. Instead, she's a huntress. With her heart set on the one guy she can't have, she must choose between her past and the monsters she's fought against for so many years...

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