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After The Fall: Shades Of Magic

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Long ago, the crew of the foundation ship ‘Good Hope’ was sent to establish settlements on a distant planet in preparation for an expected fleet of colony ships. Most of those original settlers and their equipment were dropped to the planet’s surface in cheap and simple ‘one-shot’ craft, in an operation nicknamed ‘The Fall’.
Those first settlers never expected their descendants to be deprived of all technology for a millennium - nor did they doubt that all the established laws of Earth science would hold true on the planet which they named ‘Nuome’; but their machines failed, their science seemed not to work, and the planned scheme of colonisation fell apart. As, one by one, all of the trappings of their civilisation collapsed, religious factions grew – and worse, the science they had believed in was being slowly replaced by what many were forced to call ‘magic’...
This collection of sixteen short stories begins with the last days of technology when the descendants of those first scientists, already ignorant of how their old technology worked, attempt to call for rescue. Later stories tell of the growth of magic and follow the adventures of several different magicians, faced with different problems to overcome.
Each of the stories can stand alone – but they are much stronger when the reader follows the interconnections between the events and characters within them. Individual stories cover different aspect of the ‘magic’, how it can be used to help others, or for personal gratification; and how it can be used for either good or evil; and also how magic often does not solve the more human problems of its practitioners and instead sometimes exacerbates them. Perhaps you long for fame... or for anonymity? Perhaps you have a weakness, for gambling, for example? Perhaps you are looking for vengeance... and maybe don’t like what you find? Through almost all of the stories the famous adventures of a single character, ‘Tria of Hammer Pass’, serve to affect the different people’s actions in different ways. You will meet the Heroine Tria, and she may well surprise you!

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