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Addicted to Love in Cambodia: Straight Talk from a Hostess Bar Junkie

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NEW: Addicted to Love in Cambodia has been updated, improved and expanded with new episodes to stimulate your imagination... and libido.

Addicted to Love in Cambodia is a fun guide to the hostess bar scene in Phnom Penh. It will tickle your innards and put a smile on your face.

Yours truly, Randy Nightwalker, is a seasoned denizen of the city’s nightlife. Motivated by my hopeless addiction to the lovely ladies of Cambodia and the need to raise money to pay for that addiction I’ve decided to share my insights and experiences with you.

Feel starved for love and affection in the amorous wasteland of the West? Haven’t gotten laid in years? The delicious and delightful ladies of Cambodia beckon you. Whether you are looking for true love or short time sex, a romantic fling or domestic bliss, it’s all for the asking here. Western men have easy access to love in many parts of Southeast Asia but Cambodia is special.

No matter if you are first-timer to the area or an experienced expat traveler, Addicted to Love will help you to understand the bar scene and negotiate a path through the maze of girls and venues to find what you are looking for.

Short, fat, old, ugly? No problem, you can still score in Cambo. Shy, insecure, inexperienced, afraid? Forget it, Cambodia will cure your ills. A little stupid, a bit deranged? Still no great deterrent to fun, games or whatever you desire of the fair sex.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all a rose garden; many a brave man has been snookered by these beautiful ladies. Still, speaking generally, you’ll have an easier time of love, romance and sex here than you ever would back in the West.

Addicted to Love is an honest account of a near geezer’s encounters and relationships with these very special young women and an insightful and tender look at their lives, hopes and aspirations.

Excerpts from the book:
...Sugar Baby is dark and chunky, just how I prefer them, and big for a Khmer girl, maybe 5’4” – 163 cm. ... When I see those hefty brown legs emerging from a miniscule pleated skirt, my jaw drops to the ground. The way she affects me is reminiscent of a time in Hong Kong some years ago when I followed around a big-bottomed girl in a really short miniskirt – at a safe distance, mind you – for about twenty minutes before I realized how obsessive I was being.
...It certainly does get dear going to ten different bars a week, sometimes two or three a night, buying lady drinks in each. In spite of my alarmingly dwindling bank account, I just can’t stop. Part of my problem is summed up by a poster that once hung at one of the freelance bars, which I since discovered is attributed to an Australian footballer. It said: I spend most of my money on beer and women and the rest is wasted. After that I gave up on trying to be frugal, though once I run the bank account down I won’t have a choice.
...A friend of mine said if you have self-esteem problems come to Cambodia. That was most poignantly illustrated by an incident I witnessed in Sihanoukville; Cambodia’s primary beach town... I’m sitting in a bar at an outside table and a dwarf comes by – misshapen little guy at that – and a girl grabs him and sits him down. I didn’t talk to him, but he seemed like a decent fellow. She pets him, lays her legs on his, he puts his hand on her leg while grinning like the Cheshire cat, all for the price of (buying her) a drink. She wasn’t that bad looking, seemed kind of fun, maybe a bit older than typical – even for the average guy, who maybe wasn’t all that particular, a worthy companion; for a twisted Tiny Tim a pretty good catch.
...I’m a love farmer: I carefully plant my seeds with trust, honesty and respect. When they begin to sprout I cultivate them with warmth and tenderness. As they grow I fertilize with generosity and patiently watch as my labors begin to bear fruit. Not every seed will mature into a beautiful, sweet-smelling flower, but enough do to keep

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