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2011 Children's Book Publishers for Unagented Writers

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2011 Children's Book Publishers for Unagented Writers

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2011 Children’s Book Publishers for Unagented Writers is one of the most valuable tools a children's writer can have. With over 150 listings of publishers that accept query letters and manuscripts, this directory is a must have.
There are thousands of book publishers, but only a fraction accept unagented writers, especially for children’s books. This directory will save the children's writer hundreds of hours searching through the countless listings of publishers who will not look at their work.
With publishers from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, each listing links directly to the publisher's website. Each listing also highlights the type of children’s manuscripts the publisher is willing to read.
This directory gives the writer the marketing tool that will save them countless hours of searching, allowing them to focus more of their energy doing what they love....writing.

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