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Age of Angels -Book 1- The Fallen Angel

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Imagine a computer game so addictive, so accessible and so real that the whole world is playing it. Now imagine that game is the work of the Devil himself.

In Age of Angels -Book 1- The Fallen Angel, Lucifer and his disciples create a computer game called Fallen Angel, with which they hope to enter, enslave and then destroy the world.

The makers of the game use technology to hotwire it directly into the players’ brains so as to control their hearts, minds and souls. Only one player can resist the power of the Fallen Angel, the wheelchair-bound Irish gaming genius Sean O Sullivan (16). Sean is indifferent to the game's allure and prize money and is only interested in beating the system. But the game makers need a winner who will obey them, so they set out to destroy Sean.

After overcoming some early obstacles that almost stop his qualification for the most important event of his life, Sean jets to Los Angeles. Here he participates in the televised finals, being held at the HQ of the Paradise Games Company. Unbeknownst to Sean, Paradise has set in motion more deadly plots. He survives the first attack and joins the 13 finalists who are all now in with a chance to win the Billion $ prize.

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