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The end isn’t nigh. It’s here. When Stacy wakes up one morning after a pretty bad drunk, she wonders where her husband and son have gone. Then she wonders where her neighbors have gone. Then the rest of the town. She wanders into the street, trying desperately to find someone, anyone, and when she finally hears a voice calling for her, the story it tells chills her, confuses her, and leaves Stacy questioning everything.

Everyone’s gone, Randy--the teenage former stock boy--says. They were taken in the night when Jesus came down from Heaven and took away the righteous and the believers. Why wasn’t she taken, Stacy wonders, and how can she be expected to go on living in an empty world knowing she’ll never see her husband or son again?

Readers of his dark fantasy novel REVELATIONS are familiar with horror author C. Dennis Moore’s take on the end of the world, but with AFTERMATH the rules are changed and this all new look will leave readers wondering how much more could Stacy and company possibly face in this new, uncertain world. AFTERMATH raises many questions of faith and fate, then answers those questions in some very unexpected ways.

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean God is done with us. But are the lost, forgotten and damned up to the challenge?

C. Dennis Moore is the author of the best-selling novel The Third Floor as well as over 60 published short stories and novellas in the speculative fiction genre. Most recent appearances were in What Fears Become, Dead Bait 3 and Dark Highways. His novel, Revelations (which also deals with the end of the world), is available in hardcover, trade paperback or ebook formats from Necro Publications. Also for Necro Publications, he edited the first volume of the Into the Darkness anthology. He is currently at work on a rock and roll fantasy novella with supernatural crime writer David Bain.

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