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“We would like to thank you for your submission.Unfortunately...”

This would be Viola’s last rejection letter. After spending her whole life trying to get her books published she finally vows she will resign from writing and never type another word of her imagination.

Days after her resolve never to write again Viola starts to notice bizarre occurrences happening in her life.Uncontainable in her mind, her imagination starts to blur over top of the real world. Having strange encounters with a person she knows is not real, yet at the same time feels she has never envisioned before, she soon realizes that writing may have been an outlet for a strange and bizarre power that she never knew she had. When a sudden encounter with Eli, the person from her blurred encounters, makes him no longer a figment of her subconscious, but a real solid person in her reality, she must explore what is happening to her before things get out of control, or worse other people start to have an interest in this strange power

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