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You Fly Like a Woman

You Fly Like a Woman

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You Fly Like a Woman

3.5/5 (7 peringkat)
51 pages
1 hour
Dec 9, 2011


Getting a pilot's license was the furthest thing from her mind - until an ex-RAF instructor suggested that she wasn't competent to do so. The thing is, he could be right. Sylvia has just a few weeks to prove that she can fly as well as any man.

You Fly Like a Woman tells the story of one woman's search for confidence as she stumbles into a man's world.

Dec 9, 2011

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You Fly Like a Woman - Sylvia Wrigley


Chapter One

You don't need a real license, Tom said. The stern-faced ex-RAF instructor had already chided me for dressing inappropriately in my short skirt and open-toed sandals. Now I realized he wanted to get rid of me.

He continued. You want a wife's license. Forget the technical mumbo-jumbo. I'll show you the radio and we'll go up — you can even play with the flight controls.

A strangled sound escaped me. A wife's license?

His condescending smile didn't falter. You'll be done in a day so you can leave your boyfriend to concentrate on his studies. That way, if he has a heart attack in the air, you'll know how to contact ATC and take instruction.

It was my boyfriend, Cliff, who had the crazy idea of buying a plane. I was just along for the ride, no interest in slogging through physics and engine mechanics. I was too old for exams. But a wife's license? As if I weren't competent to learn?

I twisted in my seat towards Cliff. The bastard was grinning.

I'm getting my pilot's license. The grit in my voice surprised even me.

Fine, said Tom. He turned his back to me, stacking up the course books at the front of the room. Then I'll see you tomorrow. In long trousers and sensible shoes.

You will. I walked out without another word and sat in the car until Cliff came out to join me.

My determination lasted until dinner time.

Honey, I don't think I'm going to be able to learn from Tom. As the owner of the flight school, his attitude towards me was going to affect all of us but I didn't think I could manage to stay polite for the four weeks of the course.

You don't need to. Cliff was reassuring, clearly thrilled that I'd decided to take this on. He's going back to England next week.

English flight lessons, local to us in Andalucía, had been Cliff's idea too. He'd dealt directly with Tom to make it viable. The Oxford-based school had flown over with two Cessnas and a couple of young instructors. They would spend a few weeks teaching the group of four men that Cliff had gathered together to do an intensive course for the Private Pilot's License, taking advantage of the weather. When the course was finished, the instructors would fly the two aircraft back to England to resume teaching at Oxford.

Tom's best instructors had jumped at the chance to spend a few weeks in Spain and Cliff had found enough people to commit to full-time training that it was worth Tom's time. Adding another person would reduce the price for the other participants and make everyone happy. Cliff clearly thought I should do it. This from the man who hated being in the passenger seat when I was driving ... but he thought I should learn to fly?

Tom's not staying anyway. You got along fine with the younger instructors, he said. I'm sure you won't have any problems. It'll be fun. And it's only four weeks.

Which was part of the problem. What if I didn't keep up? At a normal flight school, I would keep doing lessons until I was good enough to take the exams. This set-up meant that if I lagged behind, the flight school was going to disband around me — or worse, reduce the other students to try to get me up to speed before they left. Or really worst — push me to fly a plane before I was competent to do so.

Also, I'd looked at the books again. I started easy and sat down with the meteorology book — it was just weather, how hard could it be? I discovered wind charts and METARs and Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts

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  • (5/5)
    Unlike other reviewers, I knew this was a short story when I purchased it in the Amazon Kindle Store. I thought it was great! It's a fast and enjoyable read - I loved the way she took on the challenge of proving a rather chauvinistic flight instructor wrong.The author's personality shines through and you want to meet her. Well written.
  • (3/5)
    This book was not what I expected when I requested it. Based on the description I thought it was going to be a full length novel. The book was actually a short story of the authors experiences learning to fly a plane. Though the book was not what I expected, I did enjoy it, I just wish that the description was written to provide a better picture of what the book is really about.
  • (2/5)
    I have a mixed review. The topic was interesting, and the writing was competently executed. The setting descriptions are vivid and a good background for the story. It held my interest from beginning to end. However, it was disappointing because I erroneously assumed that a book-length manuscript would be much longer. In the format I used (.mobi), it was just 26 pages. Suggestion to author/publisher: To avoid similar dashed expectations with other readers, I suggest clarifying in the summary that this product is more the length of an article rather than a book. (Even better, expand the story to book length.) A second disappointment was probably my own fault -- I thought it was going to be a novel, with characterization, plot, etc. and it was disconcerting when it finally became clear to me that it was simply a straightforward chronicle of someone's development as an aviator. The result was a perception of this product being insubstantial.Note: I received a free ebook version of this work for review.