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Against the Night

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The life of Irenaeus of Smyrna, and the Christians of the Second Century, as they faced trials and battles from those who didn't understand them. Their worst threat comes from those teaching new doctrines, ones not handed down from the Apostles, twisting the Word of God for their own profit. Polycarp, Justin Matryr and Tatian are just a few famous names who influenced Irenaeus as he grew in his faith to be able to refute the heretics of his day. Drawing upon their actual writings, this book recreates their world in a realistic and dramatic way.
Book One: Finding The Faith, follows Irenaeus as a young man, meeting Polycarp in Smyrna, and Papias in Hierapolis, and his first encounter with Gnostic teaching. The royal entourage of Emperor Hadrian comes to Smyrna, and Irenaeus meets Florinus, slave to the emperor and fellow believer.
Book Two, Living The Faith, has Irenaeus in Rome at the same time as Justin Martyr and Tatian. Meanwhile, in Smyrna, Polycarp stands strong against persecution.
Book Three, Keeping The Faith, is when Irenaeus travels to the town of Lugdunum in Gaul to help the local Christians help and convert the local Celtic tribes. He is forced to become the church leader in Lugdunum, and protect the believers against the worst persecution yet seen.

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