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To Sail the Stars

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Private freighter ship the Fah Jah, captained by the inexperienced Shasla-Riol, has stopped at the old world Pusard Eshlon. But the world has come under attack, in an attempt to end the Rohddihsen family dynasty that has ruled for fifty thousand years. The only survivor, a prince, hides on the Fah Jah and hides behind a fake persona: Jalac Calans, pilot for hire.

All is not right aboard the Fah Jah. Headstrong ex-soldier Lirr Cronison is overprotective of Shasla, while trigger happy Crejit Maslonnian thinks the best way to deal with problems is to blast them with her gun. The navigator is slowly dying, the comlink has no respect, and the little cook hoards guns. The actual captain is kept in stasis with only minutes to live, while her daughter Shasla fights for control over stowaways and drug smugglers plus relentless opportunists looking for the lost Eshlon prince.

When they encounter the mysterious Gorswijey who claim to control the time streams, they are sent on an impossible search for carriers of a deadly drug called Tikron. They leave behind a trail of death and mayhem, attracting the Rohiec who secretly guard the galaxy.

Along the way, Jalac discovers that such a risky life is preferable to his royal existence. There is no one to protect him apart from his equally vulnerable friends. He is in charge of nothing except the flight controls. He has no family heritage, and owns nothing of value. No longer can he have everything he desires, and he has to work to earn his place.

"To Sail the Stars" is set in the distant future when the entire galaxy has seen empires rise and fall, technology leap and fall, and the strength of the human spirit remaining strong through it all.

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