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Understanding the Power of Color

Understanding the Power of Color

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Understanding the Power of Color

94 pages
37 minutes
Jul 22, 2014


Color is a powerful entity. Explore the ways color influences our lives. Learn how color promotes our purchases, creates moods, works in the natural world, and the meanings of colors. Simply written, by a color consultant, in a style that will allow you to see color in all its glory, in ways you never saw it before. This is a story celebrating color.

Jul 22, 2014

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Denise lives in Middletown, Pa on a gentlemans farm with her husband and three spoiled cats. She holds a Degree in Residential Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Careers have included, Office Space Designer, Owner/Color Consultant at Coloraide and Owner/Designer at Diggy Bee Design, Sewing Patterns for Real Life.

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Understanding the Power of Color - Denise Nye-Ward


And an amazing world it is.

I cannot imagine a world without color.

The more I learn about color, the more I realize there is much more to learn. Much information available is quite technical or simply a lesson on selecting a paint color.

My goal in writing this book is to open your eyes to some of the ways that color influences our lives.

We take color for granted, it's always there, will always be there and that is all there is to it. But is it? It is my belief that lack of color awareness can leave the world feeling like a cold, less exciting place than it really is.

Color is all around us, in nature, products we shop for and in our environments. Some color we select and others are selected for us in order to persuade.

My hope is that this book will open your eyes to all the color around you and get you as excited as I am about having color in my life.



Chapter 1 - WHAT IS COLOR?


Webster's dictionary defines color as...

col·or, -noun;the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

Color can only exist when three components are present:

a viewer

an object


When white light (which contains all colors of the visible spectrum) hits an object, the object selectively blocks certain colors and reflects others. Only the reflected colors contribute to the viewer's perception of color.

This means that the color we perceive an object to be is only the color that object reflects, every other color in the light spectrum, is absorbed by the object.

In the example below, the first bottle appears orange because it absorbs all other colors and only reflects orange waves. The same is true of all the respective bottles and their perceived colors. http://bit.ly/UahE4Z

This concept can be hard to grasp. In realty, everything around us takes the white light that passes through it and filters it, keeping only the color that we recognize.

Understanding where color comes from and how we see it is only one part of the color story. There is another factor to consider.

Not all eyes see color

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