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The Nut Behind The Wheel

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The Nut Behind The Wheel

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When a former teacher decided to get a Passenger Carrying Vehicle Licence and become a coach driver, a new world of life behind the wheel opened up. The Nut Behind the Wheel follows a rookie coach driver learning to drive a full sized coach and passing the test. Then over a 10 year period the reader goes along the road with the ups and downs of working as a professional driver. From regular contracts for Social Services and public and private organisations and clubs, we travel the Welsh valleys and beyond on trips with vulnerable children, golf club members, rugby supporters and to office parties. The laughs and travel horror stories are seen from the driver’s point of view, one which is seldom considered and rarely written about, interwoven with personal reflection.
Anyone who has ever organised, or been on a coach trip as well as seasoned drivers will be able to relate to the stories told in The Nut Behind the Wheel. Set in the 1990's against a Welsh backdrop, there are glimpses of local speech and quaint customs to give colour to the true tales of the wonderland of life on the road.

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