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Against All Odds

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Tom Hartley, aged 17, lives on a large Queensland property, helping his dad with the cattle. His mum leaves, fed up with flood, fire or drought. His dad is washed away in a flood and Tom survives, alone. A “kind” stranger, Kit, in league with the bank manager, befriends Tom and helps restore the house. By degrees he takes over the property and Tom, whom he enslaves. Aborigines help Tom in an abortive escape bid. Caught and whipped, Tom deals with Kit in a novel way. Elated with Freedom, Tom goes to town where he meets a barmaid, who teaches him the joys of sex. The friendly magistrate sends Sian to help Tom farm. They couple but have to fight a land-grabber, who has designs on Sian. Now eighteen, Tom joins Intelligence in the army in Singapore 1941. He persuades three other soldiers and two pretty girls to help him make the 3,000 miles back to Australia in an open boat and through hostile jungle. They cause mayhem behind enemy lines and sail for home.

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