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Self-destruction of Europe

Self-destruction of Europe

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Self-destruction of Europe

374 pages
5 hours
Feb 3, 2014


Today the world's attention is focused on the economic crisis, but in the future the crisis of the family is much more dangerous for Europe. The demographic catastrophe inevitably leads to ethnic degeneration of the peoples who founded modern civilization. Why is the world community more concerned about the decline in the population of polar bears and tigers, than decline in the population of white people, which is not less catastrophic, is it?
In the development of economics we are choosing the path leading our civilization to self-destruction. The crisis of the family is imposed by the crisis of Christian church and degradation in many spheres. We need to change the vector of development. The world must be ruled by love and reason, not by greed and malice. We will never defeat terrorism by police methods alone. It is necessary to oppose ideas of hatred with more appealing ideas of love.
We need radical changes in relationships between men and women in order to solve demographic problems successfully. Native European peoples must strive to increase their birth rates much more than focusing on the growth of stock exchange indices and incredible wasteful consumption. As everyone knows, only love defines real happiness, not money.
The main themes of the book: demented consumption and progressive degradation of society, demographic catastrophe and the threat of ethnic degeneration of Europe, crisis of the family and Christian Church, history of sexual revolution and sexual culture, a creeping ethnic war and love as a weapon. The book deals with the most acute problems of our civilization and offers real and bold solutions. The author supports his conclusions with the opinions of famous scientists, politicians and ordinary people. This book contains an anti-terrorist message and opposes the radical ideas of hatred with radical ideas of love.

Chapter 1. The epidemic of consumer idiotism
The mechanism of self-destruction * Advertising as a tool of ideology * Falling into the abyss * Consequences of the wild race * Radical changes are needed
Chapter 2.
Demographic catastrophe
Europeans are dying out * How we are distroying our future * Reverse expansion * Lessons from European history * A world-scale tragedy
Chapter 3.
The progressive degradation
Historical analogy * Intellectual decline * Shopkeepers are ruling now, not aristocrats... * Anti-culture and anti-harmony * People have become worse than beasts
Chapter 4.
Crisis within the Christian church
Deserted temples * The forgotten kingdom of love * Why Islam is setting in
Chapter 5.
The new vector of development
A planet of idiots? * Greed has won over the Reason * Criteria of progress * The strategy of reasonable development \n

Chapter 6.
The first sexual revolution
Socialization of women * Love and sexual communism * Sexual freedom –to people! * Get rid of shame! * Commune instead of the family * Sexual counterrevolution * The key issue
Chapter 7.
Eros and Civilization
The League of sexual reforms * American studies and experiments * The second sexual revolution * Sexual education and sexual culture * Pornography as a mirror of morality
Chapter 8.
The thirst for love and sexual hunger
The phenomenon of love * Love and sex * Sex and health * Sexual discrimination of the youth * Non-traditional relationships * Is prostitution immortal? * The era of masturbation
Chapter 9.
The crisis of the family
The history of marriage * The problem of acquaintance and harmony * The war of sexes * Parents and children * Love and faithfulness * New forms
Chapter 10.
Revolution of love and ethnic war
Lies, love and economics * The Golden age after the Apocalypse * A creeping ethnic war * Freedom to young love! * The family commune * The role of Russia * The world reason instead of

Feb 3, 2014

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I was born in Klaipeda in Lithuania. My father was an officer , and my mother - a teacher. Both were from the Ukraine. After school, I studied at the Leningrad ( now St. Petersburg ) State University. I was expelled from the 5th year and sent to soldiers for " politics" - for speaking out against the hegemony of the Communist Party in favor of the creation of a multiparty system . After service in army I defended my diploma journalist at Leningrad University and married in Moscow. I worked as a reporter in the newspaper , on radio and TV , graduated from the Higher Economic Courses . I created and edited the Social Democratic newspaper "Alternative" - one of the first democratic publications new Russia , then the newspaper " Ukrainian Club" , which was printed in three languages : Russian , Ukrainian and English , as well as a glossy magazine "Business and bureaucracy" in Russian and English. I created the Agency "Alternative" , which released a TV magazine "Arguments and Facts ", as an annex to the most popular in the Russian weekly "AIF" .In 2000, I released my first book about the empire thieves and sent her to the Kremlin , Vladimir Putin. As a result, my agency "Alternative" thrown into the street from the House of the Russian Press. A few years later I was forced to leave Moscow to Lithuania. There I came to the conclusion that the future of Russia and Europe depends not only on the decisions of politicians and oligarchs , but on the relationship of man and woman . Therefore, the crisis of the family and love difitsit much more dangerous than economic crisis. Demographic catastrophe more terrible than war. Several years I have studied this issue from all angles . The result was the book " Self-destruction of .Europe". It was originally called "Love revolution or degeneration ? " Arseny Sobolewski - my pen name Родился в Клайпеде в Литве. Отец был офицером, а мать – учительницей. Оба украинцы с Харьковщины. После школы учился в Ленинградском университете. Был отчислен с 5 курса и отправлен в солдаты «за политику» - за высказывания против гегемонии коммунистической партии в пользу создания многопартийной системы. После армии защитил диплом журналиста в Ленинградском университете и женился в Москве. Работал репортером в газете, на радио и ТВ. Окончил Высшие экономические курсы. Создал и редактировал социал-демократическую газету «Альтернатива» - одно из первых демократических изданий новой России, газету «Украинский клуб», которая печаталась сразу на трех языках: русском, украинском и английском, а также глянцевый журнал «Бизнес и бюрократия» на русском и английском языках. Создал Агентство «Альтернатива», которое выпускало тележурнал «Аргументы и факты», как видео приложение к самому популярному в России еженедельнику «АиФ».В 2000 году выпустил свою первую книгу об империи воров и послал ее в Кремль Владимиру Путину. В результате мое Агентство «Альтернатива» выбросили на улицу из Дома Российской Прессы. Спустя несколько лет я был вынужден уехать из Москвы в Литву. Там пришел к выводу, что будущее России и Европы зависит не столько от решений политиков и олигархов, сколько от взаимоотношений мужчины и женщины. Поэтому кризис семьи и дефицит любви намного опасней экономического кризиса, а демографическая катастрофа страшней войны. Несколько лет изучал эту проблему во всех ракурсах. В результате появилась книга «Самоликвидация Европы». Первоначально она называлась «Революция любви или вырождение?» Арсений Соболевский – мой литературный псевдоним

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Self-destruction of Europe - Arseniy Sobolevskiy



Today the world's attention is focused on the economic crisis, but in the future the crisis of the family is much more dangerous for Europe. The demographic catastrophe inevitably leads to ethnic degeneration of the peoples who founded modern civilization. Why is the world community more concerned about the decline in the population of polar bears and tigers, than decline in the population of white people, which is not less catastrophic, is it?

In the development of economics we are choosing the path leading our civilization to self-destruction. The crisis of the family is imposed by the crisis of Christian church and degradation in many spheres. We need to change the vector of development. The world must be ruled by love and reason, not by greed and malice. We will never defeat terrorism by police methods alone. It is necessary to oppose ideas of hatred with more appealing ideas of love.

We need radical changes in relationships between men and women in order to solve demographic problems successfully. Native European peoples must strive to increase their birth rates much more than focusing on the growth of stock exchange indices and incredible wasteful consumption. As everyone knows, only love defines real happiness, not money.

Part one


Chapter 1.

The epidemic of consumer idiotism

The mechanism of self-destruction * Advertising as a tool of ideology * Falling into the abyss * Consequences of the wild race * Radical changes are needed *

The mechanism of self-destruction

The mechanism of self-destruction of our civilization has already been launched. To stop it, we need to realize where and why we are moving. Earlier, over the past centuries people have longed for some bright ideals. The modern world seems to have forgotten about the ideals of long ago. Instead there is a dull, almost animal desire for reckless consumption.

The mankind is infected by the Epidemic of Consumer Idiotism. - ECI. Globalization spreads it all over the world. In today’s world post-industrial society doesn’t consume to live, but lives in order to consume. The more so, not just to consume, but to overconsume, to devour goods and resources with insane extravagance beyond all reasonable limits of renewal potential of our rapidly destroyed ecosystem. People of developed countries throw away quite good things to the rubbish dump with a light heart, though these things could serve their grandparents for a long time. We just do not have wise attitude to life.

«We don’t live to eat, but we eat to live»

Socrates, philosopher of Ancient Greece

The United States of America is considered to be the most modern civilization, largely defining living standards of the whole world. Inhabitants of many other countries dream of being as wealthy as they are, and having the same level of consumption. But is it really possible? Americans, composing only 5% of the population of the globe consume 23% of all energy, 25% of all extracted oil, eat up 15% of produced meat and own 37% of all cars.

Scientists have already calculated that to ensure the same level of consumption for all of mankind on Earth would require nearly five such planets. But where can we take them? It’s absolutely obvious that American appetites are much higher than the potential of our ecosystem, and the «American dream», which so many people strive for, is a very dangerous chimera capable of ruining the whole world! Only a huge gap between rich and poor countries keeps our civilization away from ecological disaster. Nowadays, the index of consumption of the «golden billion » in developed countries is 32, compared to ONE in many developing countries.

Reckless losses

Every year about 1.3 billion tons of foodstuffs are lost or just thrown away, which is a third of all food produced in the world. In developing countries the losses occur due to bad infrastructure, outdated storing and processing technology. But, as it turns out, the greatest loss of food is not in developing countries but rather in developed countries. Much more food is thrown away there. Millions of tons of food products are sent to garbage containers every year.

From the report of the Swedish Institute of Food and Biotechnology

The most outstanding demonstration of ECI is shopomania or shopogolizm – an obsessive desire to shop in immense quantities. Billions of dollars are spent to purchase superfluous or totally unnecessary products and things. The American Psychological Association has recognized this syndrome as a disease. In the USA alone about 15 million people are prone to it and 55 million more are on the verge of addiction. . In Great Britain up to 10% of adults suffer from this obsessive craving to shops. In Great Britain up to 10% of adults suffer from this obsessive craving to shops. 52% of English women confessed that they enjoy shopping more than sex! People start preferring artificial stimulation to natural enjoyments. In a similar way, experimental mice lose the instinct of self-preservation and reproduction when their nervous system becomes accustomed to strong visual and taste stimulants.

The art of seduction

«In the era of market relations demand is initiated artificially. Advertisement, which is called the engine of trade, virtually places human emotionality on the hook of consumption. Nowadays sales of goods are not just a simple and unsophisticated act of passing from hand to hand; but it is a constantly improving art of seduction of consumers. »

Evgeniy Kovalev, «Planet psychology »

Imposed desires

« In this respect modern people differ very little from laboratory mice. Under the pressure of aggressive advertisement our natural necessities are substituted by imposed desires.

As a result a person often loses adequate perception of what he really needs and uncontrolled consumption is switched on. It keeps the nervous system in a wrought-up state. Hyper stimulation becomes a drug for the mind, and natural stimuli cease to cause a reaction.

Instead of natural and moderate people often unconsciously choose overabundant and even harmful things. They prefer fast food to natural food, television to close and personal communication to people, pornography – to real sex. Distribution of X-rated movies replaces the natural need to find a partner and undermines the instinct of reproduction.

All these stimuli are infiltrating to our life quite deliberately. They give an impetus to the thing, to which our nature is already addicted, - to overconsumption.

...We are puppets subjected to the destructive influence of advertising for excessive consumption. We can resist the dangerous trend only with the help of a centralized state program. »

Deirdre Barrett, psychologist, Harvard Medical School

The American psychologist suggests a reasonable solution, however, leaders, who are under the strong influence of big business, do not hear it. There is no such centralized state program anywhere yet.

Advertising as a tool of ideology

Today advertising is the main tool of the World Ideology of Overconsumption. It is especially noticeable in Russia. If in Soviet times there were posters in the main streets of Moscow glorifying the Communist Party, now they are imposing leading world brands. Moreover they are doing it with an incredible never- before- seen scale. Advertising banners of huge sizes now cover entire facades of immense multi-story buildings! It seems that only the Kremlin towers are not wrapped in them. Perhaps this is yet to come...

We are being manipulated

«...We are being manipulated, we are being cheated! People have been converted into tools of purchase. The majority of people are being brainwashed and controlled. We live for the market; it dictates when we work and when we rest. The market imposes us what to do. We are not free people. Journalists must inform people about it. But mass media keeps silent about it. Television tells us 24 hours a day that we need to buy things, that our purchasing power is our scale of values. In truth modern television content contains less than 8% real information; all the rest is advertising. All the rest is advertising and entertainment. As a result, this 92% is hugely important in the formation of personality.

Juliet Chiesa, Italian journalist, from an interview to ROSBALT

Mad commercial advertising turns out to be much more intrusive than communist propaganda. Programs of the Soviet television were not interrupted as often by advertising clips of the CPSU. Now films and programs are frequently interrupted at the most interesting moments only with intention to persuade TV viewers to buy a super modern gel for cleaning toilets or feminine hygiene products, which are not usually discussed outloud by most people. Advertising follows us everywhere at every step. In the street – everywhere you can look. The same situation is in transport. We open a mailbox and a pile of intrusive waste paper falls out of it. At home we turn on the television and get a «dose» every 20 minutes.

But the most cynical thing is that all this expensive madness is paid for from our own pocket! The cost of advertising in the sale price of new goods sometimes reaches 50 %! It means that we are being tormented at our money! If we refused advertising, goods and food would be much cheaper. Besides, we could free enormous creative power, which is now wasted when talents are exchanged on a coin making one-day advertising butterflies. Advertising is pressing and stifling high art and literature. In fact it leads to cultural degradation of society. Today potential Dostoevskiys and Tolstoys don’t write thick novels but work in advertising agencies. Because there they are paid much more than in publishing companies. Talented people help impose on us harmful things for big money in a clever way. One of the best examples of this is the advertising of Marlboro cigarettes. In its time the company - Philip Morris increased the volume of sales by 300 % thanks to the image of a macho cowboy.

Advertising promotes not only insanely wasteful consumption and an unjustified increase in prices, but also puts the producers in unequal conditions. It often happens that an average quality product or even a bad product is imposed on consumers and sold successfully, while a much better product cannot find its buyer only because the producer invested all the money in quality and is unable to pay for expensive advertising. Often the products are imposed on us as the best, but they really leave much to be desired. Brainwashing by advertising propaganda does colossal harm to the society.

«But the modern world cannot exist without advertising! – object others. - The fact is that advertising, pushing trade, in turn pushes all the industry providing us with progress and economic growth». Let’s try to find out what kind of progress it is and where such economic growth leads us.

Falling into the abyss

Today’s economics is a mechanism of colossal size, where the interests of a great number of banks, corporations and government structures are closely intertwined. Thousands of different parameters are continuously monitored such as slight fluctuations of consumer demand and dynamics of loans, oil reserves and directions of investments. Indicators of stock exchanges are like an electrocardiogram, which determines the state of health of the economics of this or that country. But the most important index is the GDP - gross domestic product, which reflects the market value of all goods and services. This indicator was first introduced and calculated by an American scientist Simon Kuznets, who went by the name of Semyon Abramovich Kuznets while he studied at Kharkov University.

Amazing figures

The past two centuries became a time of unprecedented economic growth. The total aggregated world GDP has increased by more than 40 times. In the 20th century the economic growth has noticeably accelerated. Just compare-if from 1820 to 1913 the world GDP increased by three and a half times, from 1913 to 1998 it increased by twelve and a half times! Judging only by the dynamics of GDP, the most successful century for Russia was not the 20th but rather the 19st! It seems impossible to believe, but figures testify that if in the 19th century average annual GDP growth rates were about one and a half times higher than the average world economy, in the twentieth century; they were about two times less. В the 19th century the weakest was the economics of China (growth was only by 42%), and in the 20th century economics of Russia found itself in the same position (growth by 4.2 times). The highest economic growth for the 20th century was in Taiwan (growth of GDP by 133 times!). In 1913-1998 growth of GDP in Russia was the slowest among 50 industrial countries.

Angus Madison, Monitoring of the world economics

Russia became a super country in the 20th century; the Soviet Union won the Great War against Germany, ensured itself triumph in space exploration, and yet its economic growth was much lower than in the nineteenth century. This stunning paradox confirms once again that GDP is a very controversial index which is unable to show the whole picture of development. One country once produces a lot, but earns on it little. The other one - on the contrary. We can give a very simple example to illustrate this situation. In China they produce goods for 50 dollars, but in the USA the same thing is sold for 250. It means that GDP of China will increase by 50 dollars, while that of the USA will decrease by 200 dollars.

In the mechanism of the world economic growth there were contradictions which periodically led to overproduction crises. And then, in the second half of the XX century they created, as it seemed then, a genius remedy – a wide consumer loans for the population. It ensures the unrestrainable growth of the economics, and overconsumption for the society. The loan enabled to bring future consumption to today. This way of effective demand expansion worked until the volume of the population debt exceeded its possible income for the whole life. The genius remedy transformed into a dangerous dope and finally led to the global crisis.

Millions of consumers are now hooked on loans, not only consumers, but some countries as well. The debt of the USA has reached astronomical proportions equaled to 14 trillion dollars and is increasing by 2-3 billion daily (!!!). In comparison: the huge China producers goods for half million dollars a day. The ratio of total external debt to GDP is considered to be critical if it reaches 50 %. In 2011 the USA reached the 100% level, thereby exceeding the critical level by double! The external debt is even worse in many other Western countries.

People and countries, affected by the epidemic of consumer idiotism, spend money which they, in fact, have not earned and which they are unlikely to earn at all. Since 1985 the USA has had a negative trade balance for roughly a quarter of a century; they purchase from other countries much more than they produce and sell themselves. The difference is covered by printing new dollars. America has stopped being the world's biggest country- creditor, as it was before the beginning of the 80s, and has become the biggest country-debtor. The idea of issuing bonds for 100 years is already being discussed in the USA! In principle, it is hardly ever possible to return so much money. According to calculations made by the International Monetary Fund the total amount of loans to U.S. banks exceeds their own capital by13 times! As for Europe – by 26 times already!!! It is worth noting that, the biggest U.S. bank "Lehman Brothers» had the same ratio of capital to granted loans (leverage) at the time of its collapse in September 2008.

Global financial Frankenstein

«At the dawn of globalization, at the beginning of 1990-s the volume of purely speculative cross-currency financial transactions reached 1 trillion 300 billion dollars a day - 5 times more than the volume of the world trade exchanges and almost as many as the reserves of all national banks in the world at that time (1 trillion 500 million dollars). What state will be able to withstand the pressure of the global financial Frankenstein? »

«...The disruption of the global system into many relatively small and politically and economically dissimilar units leading to the transformation of a huge part of the world into a neo-barbaric zone. To me this is the most likely option».

Andrei Fursov, «A hand-made crisis»

A number of leading economists came to the conclusion, that the current system crisis – it is clear evidence that liberal financial capitalism has reached the limit of its development. Leastways, in the current form of crazy consumption and reckless lending.

Consequences of the wild race

What has the wild economic race of the last century given to mankind? What did we start with and what have we come to? Of course our life has become much more comfortable. A lot of things, our grandfathers could hardly have ever dreamed of, have become realities. Television, Internet and mobile communication have become an integral part of our life. Household appliances have changed our homes beyond recognition. This is fine, but what is the price of these achievements? Is it not too high? Could we have done it with less expense, if the world had been ruled by reason, instead of money? Just look at what we have now instead of the green world surrounding us? For two centuries of significant economic growth more than half of the rain-forests have been destroyed. Every year an area equal to Austria and Switzerland is cut down! The epidemic of consumer idiotism has led to unprecedented pollution of the environment. Landfills reach fantastic proportions. It is not surprising, as each urban resident produces a ton of waste per year. A fraction of this garbage is processed but much of it is lying around in the parks and forests, floating in rivers and seas.

A trash continent

In 1995 a young playboy and yachtsman Charles Moore discovered a new continent in the Pacific Ocean which consisted of plastic garbage. After a session in a California university he decided to spend some vacation time on the Hawaiian Islands and for the sake of saving time he went there directly not using the usual routes. After some days Charles realized that he was swimming through a global scrap-heap. «During the week every time when I went on deck, some plastic trash was floating by, – Moore wrote in his book Plastics are forever? – I could not believe my eyes: how did we manage to foul such a vast area of water? I had to swim day after day through that scrap-heap, and there was no end in sight…

That huge crap-heap has been formed by the ocean currents. It occupies an area in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the Ukraine! The rapid pollution of the oceans started about half a century ago, when plastic was invented. More than a century is needed for its complete decomposition. According to Green Peace more than 10 million tons of plastic items get into the ocean every year. Big trash islands started to appear in other oceans as well. But the world’s biggest countries avoid seeing this problem.

In the 1950-s mankind started to explore space and has managed to clutter it as well. Nowadays about 320 thousand (!!!) trash debris created by man revolve around the earth. Special services have to track the movement of each piece of debris, as all this space refuse poses a risk to the space station and satellites.

What are we doing with our planet and with ourselves! Environmental pollution leads to a significant increase in life-threatening diseases, in particular, different types of cancers. Elementary gluttony and over- comfort undermine our health.

According to doctors, more than half of all our diseases are explained by lack of exercise and reduced motor activity. Even children suffer from this, sitting in front of computers and TV screens for hours. Never before have so many people suffered from obesity. Overconsumption now is, as a rule, misconsumption which has serious ill-effects. In 1950 25% of Americans were overweight; in 2002 that figure had climbed to 65%. According to calculations, in the near future this figure will increase to 75%. Today in the European Union one in two inhabitants suffers from overweight and one in three from obesity. According to forecasts of the World Healthcare Organization (WHO) in the near future, diseases associated with overweight will be a major cause of death. In the last 50 years fatal diseases have increased fourfold. More than 80 % of school children suffer from any given disease meaning that less than 20% of children are healthy! The fact is that diseases which used to occur only among senior people, now affect the youth. Today people die of a stroke even at the age of 18. A crazy pace of life, constant tension and fear lead to the growth of neurological diseases, mental and behavioral disorders. According to medical statistics in the 20th century, their number in the world increased by 10 times, including psychosis which increased by nearly 4 times, neurosis - 62 times, alcoholism - 58 times.

Many people say that a significant economic growth leads to continuous improvement of wellbeing. But is it really so? Judging by the increase in GDP did the prosperity of Russia really increase by 4 to 5 times in the last hundred years? At the beginning of the 20th century there were, on average, 5 children per family meaning that one working man could support a family of seven. Now in the 21st century, as a rule, both husband and wife work but many of them are unable to have one child, let alone two because of financial worries. Most families don’t even consider having a third child at all. Today Europeans have much more money and hence can afford many more houses and cars. Have they become happier? Not at all! Polls have shown this. In America, in Europe. Since the 1950’s incomes have tripled but, according to polls, people are less happy.

Radical changes are needed

In 2011 Russia was third in the world in number of billionaires (101), behind the USA (413) and China (115). However, in terms of GDP per capita, Russia has been lagging behind the leading Western countries for half a century, and even more. We can see that the level reached in Russia at the beginning of the 21st century, was reached by England in 1934, the USA – in 1935, Sweden – in 1944, France – in 1951, Germany – in 1955, Italy – in 1959. Egor Gaydar presented this data in his «Economic growth and the human factor ». He noted that for two centuries Russia showed no improvement; indeed it has become worse in the last decades. That is to say that there is no chance to catch up and overtake, not only America, as once Nikita Khrushchev dreamed, but even Portugal, as recently planned by Vladimir Putin.

On the other hand, maybe it is not so bad that the epidemic of consumer idiotism has affected Russia to a lesser extent than in the West. We should learn something from the mistakes of others and offer humanity a different direction of development. Now the world is ruled by Greed, not Reason. So a lot of things are done to harm rather than benefit a human being. We can say that in medical centers of the West more than one hundred thousand clearly unnecessary operations are done every year just for the sake of earning unbelievably high fees. Pharmacology business gets huge profits and it is objectively not interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Since the more people are sick, the more medicines they take, then the more profitable it is for business. Independent researchers claim that the hype around the avian and swine flu has been raised especially to profit pharmacological concerns. Some experts even provided evidence that these viruses were artificially created for purely commercial reasons.

In the mad pursuit of super-profits big business essentially pushes mankind to self-destruction. It must be stopped! The world needs to be given Reasonable Development Strategy. The most respected philosophers and economists say that we need a radical change of lifestyle.

To change the direction of development

«If we start from the previous industrial paradigm that people exist for the sake of consumption, then the task that faces modern mankind is monstrous, cannibalistic. And Nazism is nothing compared to the main focus of this task. Because the task is how to dispose of a large part of the population of the Earth. And the only alternative is to confess that income and consumption in general are not the targets, we need to change the direction of development».

Mikhail Delyagin, political scientist and economist

We must live in full harmony with nature and not destroy our environment. It is necessary to identify the main priority of development, which hides in a simple and understandable word HAPPINESS .It is noteworthy that four-fifths of the USA respondents said they see that the main function of the state is to raise the level of happiness, not welfare. It means that the realization of the so called «American dream » doesn’t give people full satisfaction. So how can we attain this? What do most people lack even at the highest level of wellbeing?

A lot of people in the modern world don’t have enough love! Love in a broad sense, not only for a man or a woman, but also for parents, children and even neighbors. Only love gives a person a feeling of complete happiness. So happiness is not the result of greater prosperity but rather a greater degree of love. Nowadays

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