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Age of Innocence: On Higher Ground series Book 1

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Its 1969 and the sexual revolution is in full swing while a war rages in Vietnam.

America is transitioning into a liberation movement while ROTC buildings go up in flames and white crosses burn in Mississippi. The Age of Aquarius is dawning, and young people are caught up in the vision of a utopian world of peace, free love, and sexual exploration.

But for five friends, these nostalgic, exciting and idealistic visions will disappear one by one.

Madeline is the adventure loving oldest daughter of an Irish Catholic family. Andrew is a free-spirited young man from Ohio taught to live life on his own terms. Carilyn is the only child of Corpus Christi's most influential family and struggles under her selfish father's influence. Mikey and Norman are two childhood friends. Mikey is an egotistical athlete, while Norman is a charismatic leader.

By all appearances, their lives are on a steady course. But free love, politics, drugs and war have shaped fates they cannot escape. From the tropics of Vietnam, to the cocaine fields of Colombia and a small town in Ohio, all will seek what they desire at great cost.

Some lives will be lost, some will survive...
But their innocence will not.

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