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The 21st Century Warrior, Writer, and Publisher

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The 21st Century Warrior, Writer, and Publisher

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The 21st Century Warrior, Writer, and Publisher, is the title cover of a series of short stories to introduce the guidebook, How Tony Wrote and Published Two Novels, which is available online today. Reading excites the imagination. Take a step beyond reading. Create your own stories, personal and family experiences that mean something to you. Family experiences that are captured in print can be passed from one generation to the next. You can publish your stories online with little cost. You may earn an income by selling your stories online. Interested? Enjoy this short story. Then see if you are interested enough to check out the guidebook, which is filled with details on how I wrote and published articles and novels which I sell online. The guidebook will provide you with writing, publishing, and business details that you can keep and use to advance quickly in the exciting field of online entertainment. Even if you do not get paid for your published writing, there is something magical about seeing your art online, and it is magic that can pass on to the young people you love and the generations who follow them. It is a way to be immortal. Live your life well. Tell your stories. Be the first in your family to learn and apply the craft of writing and publishing today!

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