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First Lights (offplanet, #1)

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Humanity's first push to outer space.

More than twenty years have passed since the SolRescue sunshield saved the world from runaway climate change. The threat to the planet is still imminent, but it bought everyone a little time. Anita Singhal, one of the creators of the sunshield, has fallen hard. Faced with a lawsuit and living in one of the poorest sections of New York City, she spends most of her time depressed and alone. Having in a longstanding off-and-on-again relationship with the current head of SolRescue hasn't helped. The man's methods are questionable, his enemies numerous, and now their past is catching up with Anita.

Flight Director Nicolas Clouatre is framed for the destruction of the European Space Agency's first extra-orbital habitat and there's nothing he can do to clear his name. Now he's on the run and must uncover the truth if he's going to prove his innocence.

National Security Agency employee, Benj McPherson, has secrets. His almost-famous father has helped him overcome criminal past, but when a suspicious coworker tries to blackmail him into spying on a secret project of the US Air Force, he finds himself trapped in the middle of a government at war with itself.

In humanity's first big, desperate push to outer space, it's unclear who is sabotaging the offplanet missions and murdering spaceflight engineers and support crew. Anita, Nicolas and Benj are the next targets as ruthless enemy operatives work against them. Earth is in peril. Civilization is riding on their success. But the body count is rising and time is running out.

First Lights is the first book in a provocative new series, offplanet, by author Regan Wolfrom.

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