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The Handy Little Book for Writers Series. Book 9. On Publishing.

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The Handy Little Book for Writers Series. Book 9. On Publishing.

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This Little Book aims simply to be a guide to new writers on the subject of publishing. It takes the form of a discussion of the different forms of publishing available in today’s changing market. Each different form is discussed and the difference in the requirements of each is addressed.
Many new writers, particularly writers of novels, will seek the recognition of a publisher’s acceptance of the quality or saleability of their work. They will need to know how to approach a publisher who will pay them, and this advice is given here. Others will for whatever reason, be prepared to pay to self-publish their work. While yet others, will seek to use free publishing services. Appropriate advice is given for each of these options.
While it doesn’t aim to be an exhaustive list of publishers, there are valuable lists of publishers in the various categories. There is also invaluable information about the use of agents and editors and how to find them.

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