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First Grade Words

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First Grade Words

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This picture book is for children learning to read English, learning English as a second language and for parents teaching children to read.
The book is written in large letters to make it easy to read. Pages are done separately, to address the issue of letter and picture distortion on some e-readers. The book makes extensive use of sight “flash” words from the Dolchlist to help children easily master these words.
The book is one of several children’s books from this author, available from this outlet.
The author’s first attempt to write illustrated children’s picture books was not good. These first attempts are somewhat useful but not attractive or comprehensive. The first attempts under the Learn to Read Series titles, are now available as free downloads from Smashwords and other outlets.
Using the books she writes, the author taught her twins, born in 2006, to read and count. The twins were doing very badly at school. They could not read. English is a second language for them. The few Basic English children’s books available in the author’s country of residence are more entertaining than educational. The author lives in a country where good children’s books are hard to come by so she turned to the internet to find books that help children learn Basic English. The good illustrated children’s books the author found online were written in small letters. The illustrated books with separate picture and text were showing picture and or letter distortion when size increased so the author decided to write children’s books that address this.
The author uses the books she writes to teach her twins. Using these books, the twins moved from the last lot in class. In the end of year tests of 2014, one of the twins came out third in the second grade tests and the other twin came out in the top ten. What is working for her own children is what the author shares with other parents in her children’s books. The author keeps on improving the books she writes and hopes other children and parents will also find these books helpful.

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