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Against Her Gentle Sword: Fighting for Love and Freedom in a Woman's World: Against the Matriarchy, #3

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On an island ruled by women, young men must duel each other with stun swords to impress young ladies and attract romantic interest.

Dario, a boy yearning for freedom and equality, is selected to duel in front of the girl he loves. He has no desire to fight his friends, and little chance of winning. Will he refuse to duel, suffering punishment and humiliation? Or will he ruin his chances of winning her heart through an embarrassing defeat?

His problems get more complicated when a former ally hijacks his revolutionary plans, turning them into an evil power grab. Real, deadly fighting breaks out for the first time on the island.

"I loved the characters and the writing, it was quick, witty, and fun." —Reviewer

"Against Her Gentle Sword is the most exciting romance I have ever read." —Danielle Urban, UniversalCreativityInc14

"If the idea of a young-adult dystopian novella without the graphic violence of The Hunger Games sounds appealing, check out Stroe's Against Her Gentle Sword." —Jessica Wren

"The sword fighting is super awesome." —Melissa Ownsbey, Goodreads

"The perspective taken in Against Her Gentle Sword is unique and memorable." —Charlotte Jain, IndieYAYA blog

"The theme has novelty and the style is quite humorous." —Reviewer

"Reminds me of Shakespearean comedies." —Reviewer

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