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The Art of Floral Arranging

The Art of Floral Arranging

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The Art of Floral Arranging

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139 pages
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Sep 6, 2007


Learn how to create breathtaking bouquets from the master florists of Flower School New York. Trendsetting celebrity designers, whose high-profile clients include Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Anna Wintour, Gucci, and Tom Ford, join forces with entrepreneur Eileen Johnson at this famed floral arranging school. They now offer instruction and insight into the art and aesthetic of flower arranging taught by a faculty of world-renowned florists.

Discover tips and techniques such as:
  • Handling and combining flowers
  • Creating hand-tied bouquets
  • Seasonal arrangements
  • Flowers for entertaining
  • Mixing flowers and fashion
Learn the secrets from these Master Florists:Michael George built his reputation on clean, architectural arrangements, which came to be known as Floral Minimalism or Architectonic in the art critic world. His clients include Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Martha Stewart Living.Chris Giftos is reverently described as the pioneer of event design. As master florist of The Metropolitan Museum of Art for 33 years, Giftos arranged thousands of flowers for the lobby and events, working with legendary figures Diana Vreeland, Pat Buckley, Tom Ford, and Anna Wintour.Remco Van Vliet is the current design director for flower design at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Charles Masson is the owner and sole florist for La Grenouille, one of the most beautiful and renowned French restaurants in Manhattan also known for its spectacular flowers.Cas Trap is currently the executive director of the elite floral wholesale importing company, Dutch Flower Line. Mr. Trap is also partner with his brother, Remco Van Vliet, in Van Vliet Trap.Felipe Sastre arranges an exotic bridal bouquet in this photo by Brie Williams in the book The Art of Floral Arranging.Additional instructors include Junko Miura, Elizabeth Ryan, Meredith Waga, and Felipe Sastre!
Visit  www.flowerschoolny.com for more information.

Discover the tips and techniques for handling and combining flowers and creating hand-tied bouquets, seasonal arrangements, flowers for entertaining, mixing flowers and fashion, and much more.
Sep 6, 2007

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Eileen Johnson is the owner of Flower School New York. She created the school after a lifetime love of flowers led her to attend a weekend floral design school in France. She returned to New York with a vision of a business; after pairing up with Michael George, Flower School New York was born.

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The Art of Floral Arranging - Eileen Johnson



I have always enjoyed entertaining, cooking for friends, welcoming people into my home, setting a table with fresh flowers.

In the fall of 2002, while thinking of ideas for having my own business, I happened to come across a small article in the New York Times about a school in Paris entitled Fly to Paris and Learn the Art of French Floral Arrangement. I had no idea that such schools existed and I was intrigued. I loved flowers, and I bought them on a regular basis; however, I never learned how to put them together with any real panache. Was this a skill that could be learned in a classroom the way you could learn to cook? And as much as I loved an excuse to visit Paris, didn’t we have great florists in New York?

I had the germination of an idea—why not have a school in New York where we could highlight the work of some of our great florists? We had cooking schools with famous chefs teaching in them, why not a flower school?

I soon found myself going to Paris and taking some classes under the tutelage of Christian Tortu, one of the most renowned florists in Europe. From the first class, I was hooked—I had to bring the concept to New York.

Back in New York, the first florist I spoke with was Michael George, a florist well known for his modern, cutting edge style. He was quite taken with the idea. He had heard that the great choreographer and dancer George Balanchine set up the School of American Ballet because he felt that the most important thing an artist can do is teach, and thus ensure that his legacy would be preserved. Michael wanted to share his gifts with others.

We both decided that if I set up a school, it should only have the best designers we could find. The first teacher we brought on after Michael was Chris Giftos, who had been doing the flowers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for thirty-three years and was planning to retire.

After Chris, I asked his protégé, Remco Van Vliet, if he would teach for the school. He was followed by his brother and partner, Cas Trap. Subsequently, Charles Masson, Meredith Waga, and Felipe Sastre signed on to teach. I had a truly wonderful team.

What I loved about the school from the start was the enthusiasm of the teachers and the students when they were able to finish their creations and take them home. There was—and still is—the sense of I did that? when the arrangements would leave the school. The other thing I have loved about the school is that there is no set dogma. If you have six different teachers, you will get six different points of view on everything from the conditioning of flowers to the style of arranging. It is up to the students to choose the philosophy or method to which they wish to subscribe. And that makes our classes all the more lively and varied!

If we have accomplished one thing in setting up FlowerSchool New York, it

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