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Aftermath: Lessons In Self-Defense: What to Expect When the Shooting Stops

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Before you venture out into the public armed, have you taken the time to consider the consequences of your involvement in a deadly force encounter? If it does happen, after the smoke has cleared, then what do you do? This book will help you to understand what to expect when the shooting stops. What do you say, to whom, and when? How do you deal with neighbors, friends, your own family, the media, the police? How do you protect yourself legally in the ongoing battle to protect your life and liberty? Jim is one of a very few people in the United States with the unique breadth of experience necessary to address the issues knowledgeably. “Aftermath” is a book that goes into each of these questions and more in great detail. It is written by Jim Fleming, a man with a unique perspective on the issues based on his experience as a former police officer, a practicing attorney, certified firearms trainer, CLE presenter (Continuing Legal Education for attorneys) and expert witness for self-defense cases. His style is direct, the chapters fly by like a conversation, filled with practical insight and sound advice. Before you carry in public for the first time, before you go out into the public armed again, before you are called upon to defend your home and your loved ones. You need to read this book.

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