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Aftermath: The American Geological Survey, #3

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In this supernatural, mystery thriller, Vallon Drake and her psychic allies from the ultra-secret American Geological Survey must face danger and destruction when Homeland Security decides to destroy all Gifted—thosepeople who can rewrite the landscape using only their minds.

 In a breakneck race to save her kind, Vallon leaves everyone she cares about, including her sexy warlock, to rush back to Seattle—only to find that friends are not really friends and nothing is what it seems. As Homeland Security sweeps away the American Geological Survey, will the rise of a dark power force her to break every moral code she has and use her psychic powers to stop an imminent war between Gifted and unGifted?

Karen L. Abrahamson establishes the American Geological Survey series as a thriller roller coaster of a ride within the urban fantasy genre. A fantastic story of cartographic magic, danger and betrayal, Aftermath will grab readers by the throat and drag them through to the end.

“An exciting and original addition to the urban fantasy genre.” Adrian Phoenix, author of the Maker’s Song Series.

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