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Matamoras to Shohola:: A Journey Through Time

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Matamoras to Shohola:: A Journey Through Time

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Matamoras to Shohola: A Journey Through Time tells the story of the Matamoras, Mill Rift, Westfall, Milford, Shohola, and Dingman Township people from 1860 to 1960. This exquisite collection of images features all aspects of life in theses areas, from the tourism industry to transportation to notable figures in history. Author and local historian Matthew M. Osterberg combines an impressive and unprecedented collection of photographs with a thoroughly researched text in this timeless tribute to the people and places of these Pennsylvania towns. Still a popular weekend and summer retreat for residents of New York and Philadelphia, Matamoras has attracted many tourists over the years. Included in this remarkable collection are images of the hotels and boarding houses of yesteryear. View the Hotel Fauchere, built in 1852 by Louis Fauchere, a chef at Delmonico's in New York and where Lobster Newburg was created. Also included are images of actress Lilliam Gish and philosopher Charles Peirce, the founder of Pragmatism. Discover the tranquility of tree-lined streets and splendid homes, and the farms that have since vanished in an age of shopping centers. Depicted in the collection is the crucial role that water continues to play inn both the commerce and recreation of these communities. Remy Loreaux, proprietor of the Silver Spring House Brewery, produced the first American bottled beer in Dingman Township.
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