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Wilderness Double Editon #1: King of the Mountain / Lure of the Wild

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For the first time in eBook the best-selling WILDERNESS series:
King of the Mountain
Nathaniel King left New York City in 1828 to venture into the vast, unexplored regions beyond the Mississippi because his uncle had promised to share with him the greatest treasure in the world. Nathaniel’s trail led him from danger to danger, and into the wild, uninhabited Rocky Mountains, where life was a struggle to survive from one day to the next. But if Nathaniel lived, he would unearth a treasure far more valuable than he had ever imagined!
Lure of the Wild
Up in the Rockies, where a man could live free, Nathaniel King and a rugged mountain man named Shakespeare McNair headed for a rendezvous of trappers and fur traders. But hostile Utes and Blackfoot Indians pursued them relentlessly, determined to have their scalps. Despite the protection of a friendly band of Shoshone, Nathaniel and Shakespeare faced a peril that might mean not only the end of their quest for freedom, but also the end of their lives!

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