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Aftermath: Kodiak & Dawn

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A few years from now the world is hit by a horrible epidemic that kills over 10% of the population. Civilization hasn’t collapsed but it’s teetering. A law is passed in the U.S. allowing uninfected areas to quarantine themselves. These "clean zones" remain relatively normal. But the infected areas are another story.

Shane Carpenter is a big rig truck driver transporting much needed goods through the infected areas to the clean zones. It’s a dangerous job – the roads are filled with gangs of hijackers and police help is unlikely. But Shane is well armed and tough and accompanied by his vicious dog, Slaughter. Not to mention his truck is tricked out with some after-market defensive accessories.

Shane is also well suited to this lonely job for another reason: he’s haunted by the murder of his family before the plague. Though he keeps his emotions buried deep, the pain of this loss causes him to avoid any human connections.

Then, while making a delivery to the small clean zone town of Mount Tucker, Shane is hired by Joe, a local man whose daughter, Dawn, has run away to meet a boy she fell in love with over the internet. Joe wants Shane to find Dawn and bring her back before anyone in the town discovers she’s left... otherwise they won’t let her back in.

Shane finds Dawn but in the process runs afoul of a highway gang known as the Piranhaz. The Piranhaz know Shane has a large amount of cash stashed in his truck and they want it. Against their better judgment, Shane and Dawn start to bond. She reawakens his paternal side and he represents a more adventurous life than the one Dawn can expect locked away inside Mount Tucker.

But Dawn is still a typically rebellious and naïve teenager who doesn’t want to go home; and Shane is still a man with a job to do. And if the Piranhaz get their way, neither will be alive to pursue their goals much longer.

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