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The Light Side of Corrections: Federal Prison Camp

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The Light Side of Corrections: Federal Prison Camp

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Is it possible for prison to be less than unpleasant? Yes! Outside a religious experience or sexual practices your grandparents wouldn't approve of? Still yes! If you're looking for a hold-on-to-your-seat, thrilling adventure through the roller coaster of corrections in the U.S.... I'm sorry, but this isn't it. This is a lightweight, though poignant collection of journal articles and quips about the suburbia of prisons: Minimum Security facilities, also known as Federal Prison Camps. Why read this? Because the proliferation of crimes, regulations, vague statutes, creative interpretation of evidence, prosecutorial misconduct and the like all up your chances of being convicted for something (or nothing, doesn't really matter). Upon conviction, you may head to the notorious USPs of which I know nothing about. But if you go to the lighter side of security in the Federal system, I might have a few words that might help you. Though I'd like to be clear -- a few words, and that's it.

This is not a "how to" book. it is a diary. The Light Side of Corrections is personal and at times unorganized. It is comical. Silly. Sometimes angry. Sometimes playful. Read at your own risk.

I won't claim TLSoC is awesome. It's not. It's my first real book and even after too many revisions, could still be better. Having said that, I'm not asking for much in the price department. So why not, right? Let's be honest, you've made worse decisions than buying this book.

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