Life's a Gamble- Book 4 of the Colvin Series

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Life's a Gamble- Book 4 of the Colvin Series

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Amie’s life has been full of hurt and disappointment therefore she vows to never let anyone close to her again. That is until an angel on Earth, Amelia Blake, makes her acquaintance and an offer Amie can’t refuse. Learning to let someone in proves to be easier than she thought, until she meets Amelia’s oldest son Aaron. Will Aaron get close to Amie and make her fall in love again?
Aaron has made the biggest bet of his life and the outcome isn’t quite what he bargained for. Running home to lick his wounds seems to humble the run-away eldest Blake sibling and makes him realize how far he’s veered off the path he originally set out on years ago. And with a promise to never let another woman close enough to hurt him, can he keep his mother’s newest project from changing his mind?

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