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After Hours

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Adina's beauty and wiles have enabled her to adopt the fast–lane lifestyle of the rich and fabulous...until she learns there's a contract out on her life. She flees Brooklyn to start over in the upscale suburbs, living among the pampered and polished women she's always envied. But beyond the mansions and manicured lawns lies a world she never would have guessed at...a world of desire, seduction and scandal.Sybil's exclusive catering business disguises her lucrative sideline: she's Delectable, the dominatrix who entertains at bachelor parties.Karla lives on a multimillion–dollar estate, and she and her husband enjoy an open marriage...but her need for male attention is about to get out of control. And as Adina is drawn into the sizzling reality beyond her new friends' perfect facades, she's also dealing with a man who's blissfully unaware of her not–so–innocent past.Now, each woman is about to discover that every passion has a price...and that some secrets...

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