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#0002 Knocked Down: PAVAD: FBI Case Files, #2

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#0002 Knocked Down: PAVAD: FBI Case Files, #2

Nilai: 3 dari 5 bintang3/5 (1 penilaian)
Panjangnya: 100 halaman1 jam


Every unit of the FBI has those cases that just make an agent think, make them feel, and make them wonder why people treat others the way they do. PAVAD--the Prevention & Analysis of Violent Acts Division of the FBI--was no different. This was one of those cases.

CCU Team Three hadn't always been one of the top investigative teams in the nation. They had to start somewhere... Portland, Oregon was that start. A hacker with a story of his own was attacking specific targets in the city, each target leading up to a larger one. 

This hacker had a story, and it might just lead Team Three straight into a terroristic plot!

Case File #0002 is the second release in a series of mystery novellas featuring characters from the PAVAD: FBI Romantic Suspense series. These novellas feature complete suspense stories and can be read in any order.

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