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Early Days

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Early Days

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Trenton Scott Hawley tells his and Bobbie's beautiful and moving love story 'Early Days': 'Our wedding was at the luxurious "Outpost Wedding Chapel" at a truck stop in Victorville (Haha)! Our "Honeymoon" was one night at a motel that had a heart shaped Jacuzzi in the room- located behind the old In-N-Out in Loma Linda...Bobbie was unable to join me in the heart shaped Jacuzzi because remember- 4 months preggo! Haha...' 'The Outpost chapel is no longer there, the "Honeymoon suite" was torn down, even the A-framed restaurant across from it, where we had breakfast the next morning is gone...Bobbie has passed. Makes me sad that none of it's still there for me to visit...But my memories, and the impact she had on my life is forever!'

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