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People and Information: Pergamon General Psychology Series

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People and Information: Pergamon General Psychology Series

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People and Information focuses on the problems in information-processing.
The selection first takes a look at generalized information systems, including the composition of generalized information systems; initial quantification of information transfer; quantitative consideration of information transfer; and decision making. The text surveys the problems in management development training programs. Concerns include managerial role competence; rationales of management training programs; and role competence in a foreign environment.
The book describes the relationship of sociology and attitude of everyday life, including research conducted on this concern. The text also focuses on the factors that affect data-processing system development. Applications of data-processing in the courts, restricted access, delay, and methodology are explained. The book also evaluates the relationship between information-processing and political thoughts and actions.
The selection is a vital reference for readers interested in information-processing.
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