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5 Children's Stories: Teaching Virtuous Principles

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5 Children's Stories: Teaching Virtuous Principles

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5 Children's Stories: Teaching Virtuous 

This book authored by Diane Elston is the first of many books written to emphasize the importance of teaching children how to lead a moral and virtuous life. The 5 stories in this kid's book are all very 
interestingly illustrated and fun to read for both kids and adults.

Reading To Your Kids

Children love books and being read to. This book is put together in such a way that there are plenty of descriptive illustrations along with simple and easy to read stories. The five stories in this 
children's book are all fun and easy to understand even for the youngest listeners. Read this book to your children as a bedtime story or as a learning tool anytime. These stories are very good for kids during their impressionable years as they try to sort out good from bad.

Early Children's Reading

Early readers will love reading these short stories. The illustrations will keep their interest and make them laugh. This is the book that they will always ask for when it comes time to entertain themselves with a good book.

About the Author

Diane has a young granddaughter who has inspired her to write to this amazing audience. Diane was read to as a child and remembers what a profound impact that a lot of the stories had on her development. Most of those early stories are still very important to her and the lessons learned have been used to shape a virtuous life.

Diane fully believes that early readers will benefit greatly from the stories at bedtime or anytime. The simple little stories will have an impact upon the reader and/or the child being read to. So, all of her 
books are designed with these smallest lives in mind. Each of these children deserves to know what is best for them as they grow up into awesome and virtuous adults.

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