Breaking Conformity: Failure, Performance, Goals, And Dreams

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Breaking Conformity: Failure, Performance, Goals, And Dreams

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One of the leadership concepts we discuss often at Chick-fil-A is the importance of innovative nuances. We know that in order to remain leaders in our industry, we have to maintain our core values while constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our customers. In other words, we have to learn how to embrace both timelessness and timeliness. As Arthur and Bryan illustrate in Breaking Conformity, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, as long as you remain loyal to the truth and committed to growth.
Dan T. Cathy, Chairman & CEO of Chick-fil-A

This is a powerful book that delivers an inspiring and unique approach on how to achieve success in the world of business. If you are looking for a book that will engage, inspire and educate you on how to become the best business person you can be, this book is for you!
Clayton Clark
U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year | Founder of

Bryan and Arthur are real-world examples of individuals who started with nothing and have become highly successful the old-fashioned way. 'Breaking Conformity' tells it like it is, and along the way, provides the reader with great advice and the reality check we all need.
Sean Kouplen
Chairman and CEO, Regent Bank

I have read just about every “must read” business book that goes to press. “Breaking Conformity.”proves that businesses don’t have to align their strategy with the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and habits of the competition.
Teresa Knox
Owner, Community Care College
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