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Age of Humanity:I Am A Ghost

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There are many ways to describe Jack Riley’s childhood, but normal would not be one of them. Growing up in a community of monster hunters might seem odd to most, but for Jack things were even stranger. His father was the one of the best hunters in the community, his mother was a powerful witch, and his sister was a witch in training.

When Jack decided to go away for college, he dreamed of leading a normal life. He quickly found himself unable to escape magic or his training. Faced with a different type of hunting, Jack was forced to train harder than ever under a new master. While most of his classmates were busy studying and experiencing college life, Jack found himself scouring the globe searching for magical items in order to keep them out of the hands of those who long to destroy humanity.

Jack thought he was ready to face any enemy, but no amount of training could have prepared him for his destiny.

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