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After the Fall

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Love and faith are fragile, hearts and spirits easily broken.
But everyone deserves a second chance.

~ * ~

Molly Daniels and her fourteen-year-old daughter leave an abusive situation in Chicago to start over in the Pittsburgh suburbs. Molly’s ex-husband has stripped her of everything—her self-confidence, most of her friends, even her faith. If she’s learned anything, it’s that the only one she can trust and rely on is herself.

Chase Harrington, a detective with the Pittsburgh Police Department, lives a solitary life in the suburban home he had shared with his wife and daughter until tragedy stole them from him. A recovering alcoholic, Chase has every reason to be angry with God. Instead, faith is the one thing that’s gotten him through. But it hasn’t helped him open his heart to love again.

Molly moves into the house next door to the brooding detective. She expects things will settle for her and Melissa—after the fall. Chase vows to let go of the past and move forward with his life—after the fall.

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