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Falcon: Birds of Flight

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“I'm dead. Yup. Probably dead.”
Captured, sedated and with his life hanging in the balance, former government agent Alexander J. Burns hovers in a strange place between reality and drug-induced hallucinations where he encounters dead friends and lovers. At the center of the storm is Burns’s nemesis, Eric Daniels, who anxiously awaits his arrival to find out why his former agent betrayed him, while veteran Marine officer Diane Welch and her team search for both men in Colorado and FBI Regional Director John Helms surrounds a suspected terrorist camp in Maine. Meanwhile, FBI specialist Jillian Davis experiences dreams and visions presaging the unfolding of events to come: Burns’s trusted friend and colleague Becky Littleton gets her own demon in her crosshairs, agents Dillon and Ramsey are mere feet from capturing the illusive former FIA operative Jeffery Glenn, and Lieutenant Steve Anderson finds the Merrimack Valley to be in turmoil once again, just as it was years ago on May 2nd, when the Albatross virus was unleashed to attack U.S. government computer systems. In this fourth Birds of Flight installment, questions are answered, old scores are settled, and loose ends are tied up...until in the midst of personal vendettas, black ops and covert missions, a new force hiding in plain view suddenly emerges. Just as the last chapter of the saga appears to close with Falcon, the “Black Swan” prepares to take flight. Things will never be the same.

Falcon is the fourth installation of the action/adventure series Birds of Flight. In the previous book, Eagle, former government agent Alexander J. Burns was captured by Eric Daniels' men to be brought back alive for interrogation. Finally, the truth will be revealed and most of the loose ends will be tied. Years after Burns, Falcon 5, destroyed the Foreign Intelligent Agency, he sits in the back seat of a car in a drug induced state with little chance of escape, hurtling to his interrogation and probably execution. Fluttering in and out of reality Burns confronts conflicts, settle old debts, and visit old friends. While Eric Daniels creates more diversions so he can interrogate Burns, another foreign clandestine operation is observing everything, poised to strike. In an attempt to find both Daniels and Burns, veteran Marine officer Diane Welch's leads her team down an abandoned mine in Colorado while FBI Regional Director John Helms surrounds a survivalist encampment in Maine. Angered by threats against her girls, Becky Littleton takes matters into her own hands to settle the score against a new adversary from the balcony of a Rhode Island highrise. And just as Lieutenant Steve Andersen rally’s his crew to end the Albatross' legacy and Daniels' specter, the Mossad, French and Italian intelligence services arrive with their own agendas. Throughout all these twists and turns, questions are answered, truths are revealed, and mysteries are solved. Yet from the chaos, an unexpected new force with extraordinary effects arrives: a walking command and control center with a photographic memory and complete access to classified information comes forward. After years of working in plain view, an enigma to her closest colleagues, the Black Swan emerges with her own designs for an uncharted future.

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