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Dangers of Condo Living and How To Be In Control and Win Everyime

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Dangers of Condo Living and How To Be In Control and Win Everyime

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More and more people are living in HOA (Home Owner Association) managed homes like condos (short for condominiums). Condo living has some advantages but those advantages can come with a big label of risk. Not many are aware of that. A badly managed condo / Home Owner Association can become your worst nightmare. Any association that is run well today can become so in a few year's time if the members of the association are not vigilant and interested in how the place is being run. Horror stories of bad condo management are rampant from Canada to Indonesia and many countries in between.
Shocking fact is that there is no government oversight or regulation to control an area where over 8% of the country's population lives. Many proposals have been shot down due to lobbying efforts by those who benefit from status quo.

So what are your options that you can live excellent happy enjoyable life investing very little buying a condo compared to a free standing house. How to get all the 'good' without getting the 'bad' from condo living. This is what this book is about.

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