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Each year the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads sponsors a writing event. This is my submission for the 2015 Love is an Open Road event.

I am always very happy to receive your feedback. Please visit my website for updates on the next gay romantic story or crime thriller which I am working on.

Thank you,
Alp Mortal


In a modern office space, two young men are in the throes of a passionate kiss. One of the young men is smartly dressed and standing between the legs of the other young man, who is sitting on a table. The young man, who is sitting on the table, is naked save for the pair of briefs he is wearing, which are being pulled down.


Dear Author,

For the last five years I’ve been his right hand man. I handle his schedule, I make his coffee, and I pick up his suits from the dry cleaner. I even make the arrangements for his hook ups with other men. The world sees a ruthless businessman, a cold bastard. But I know him. Behind the icy facade, I see HIM. The man who is meant to be my other half. Question is, when is he going to see ME. Not as his personal assistant, but as a lover, as a partner, as a man.

Thank you

Please only contemporary.

I would like a HEA and sex on-page, but the call is yours



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