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Age is Just a Number

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Tim Feeser, a 54 year old business professional working within the healthcare consulting arena, who due to demanding work hours and parenting responsibilities, fell prey to the excuses of this busy lifestyle to over indulge in convenience eating. From fast food lunches to excessive portion sized home based meals, Tim ballooned to over 200 pounds on his 5 foot 10 inch frame.

Through a trial and error process, he learned how to eat better and develop the discipline to conquer cravings, and create a workout plan that can work for anyone no matter what their age. Tim got into shape in is early forties and has never looked back. With an understanding of how to adopt and stick with healthy lifestyle habits, allowing you to eat better and work out more efficiently, Tim provides advice on how you can get in shape and stay that way, no matter how busy you are. He threw out the excuses, got determined, and proved that age is just a number!

Filled with practical advice and general tips to keep yourself motivated, Age is Just a Number can inspire you to get healthy and stay wealthy.

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