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Making All the Write Moves: Connecting Great Work with Great Profits

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Making All the Write Moves: Connecting Great Work with Great Profits

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You’ve got a story to tell and you are super excited to get it out to the masses. You want to write books, magazine articles, blogs, and newspaper features. But there is one problem: You don’t know how! There are so many books out there about how to get published and get rich quick writing a ton of books everyday, to be sure. So, why would you need another one? I am so glad you asked.

“Making All the Write Moves: Connecting Great Work with Great Profits” was written with you in mind. Your passion has driven you to seek the best publishing options. There is little that would interrupt this process more than producing subpar work. With so many books and other materials out there, how will you distinguish yourself? How will you create something that will please those who have spent their hard earned cash to receive, and increase the chances they will recommend your work to others? We will examine what it takes to publish quality materials you can feel confident will satisfy your readers while increasing your profits. Everyone wants to make money, but not everyone is patient enough to perfect their craft and produce the best product possible. This book is not only for new authors. Even seasoned professionals can benefit by honing their skills further and continuing to provide great content. Editors will find this to be a great resource to recommend to writers as well as those they may be considering for future publication.

Take the plunge! Be exceptional! But please invest the time to connect great work with great profits and you will not be sorry.

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