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They met for the first time in 800 BC. They were children playing by the deep river and by the time they were teenagers they fell in love. They met again in the year, 1620. As a Nubian Queen and King their love was everlasting. The king was a great leader, and warrior. He was admired for his strength and fairness to all but most of all he was known for the love he shared for his queen. The queen was as beautiful as she was powerful. Lifelike sculptures were made of the loving king and queen to identify their everlasting love and royalty. And although the beautiful lifelike sculptures of the beautiful couple were an example of love to all, no one would have ever imagined that the love the two shared would be everlasting through all eternity. They meet again in the sixties unaware that they have loved many moons before. And then they meet in the nineteen eighties, the king and queen endures this love journey never knowing that they have loved many times before. Moments of déjà vu exist in each of their rekindling love adventures that makes both of them wonder if possible they have loved many times before.

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