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Rogue Event

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A century from now, Earth is united into one global organization under the governing body called Central Corporate Command & Mainframe Control. People on the surface are primarily urban dwellers in great cities focused on various business operations that keep the world economy going. The surface citizens are organized in ranks based on their levels of productivity, expertise, and efficiency. These attributes are valued while other emotions are seen as disruptive and distracting.
Other sectors outside the urban settings are agricultural industry, ocean farming industry, and power production. Production of geothermal and nuclear energy is done in human-constructed, underground city–size caverns. There are nine located around the world.
The lunar colony in Peary Crater remains a science center that looks beyond the surface cities’ narrow focus of business and economy. In 2071 the lunar colony declared its independence, having consolidating renewable energy sources, discovered water, and with a self-contained food chain already established for decades.
The alliance between the moon and surface cities is cooperative but distant. All scientific discoveries are filtered through the cities’ governing body, Central Corporate Command. All other information in forms predating 2030—books, artwork, plays, performing arts—are heavily regulated and excluded, as it would detract from productivity and efficiency. All relevant information and data are assessed and relayed to all global surface citizens via the Mainframe Control. All other human sectors—agriculture, ocean farming, and power plant production—are allowed to receive global urban broadcasts. All sectors do so with the sole exception of the underground power plants. They prefer minimal contact.
Just over a century ago, a large rogue planet was discovered heading toward the outer edge of the Sol System. With no chance of collision, initial fears subsided and Earth’s business went on. The rogue planet is now just years away from passing harmlessly by the Earth...rather it is expected to pass harmlessly by...

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